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Check out some of our recent projects!

Italian restaurant logo


Italian Restaurant

Step into the savory world of Chianti, where authentic Italian flavors meet inspired design. Our journey with Chianti began with the crafting of a captivating brand identity that pays homage to its culinary heritage.

Drawing inspiration from the Tuscan landscape, we meticulously curated color palettes and visual elements that exude warmth and authenticity adding richness to the already existing logo. This brand identity seamlessly extends to the heart of the digital realm – a beautifully designed website.

As you explore the website, you'll find the same passion for detail that Chianti pours into its dishes. A user-friendly interface, tantalizing imagery, and seamless navigation reflect the restaurant's commitment to offering a remarkable dining experience, both in-person and online.



Take a look at Konekt, a visionary networking company revolutionizing connections through digital business cards. Our team embarked on a journey to shape Konekt's brand identity, infusing it with innovation and professionalism.


Through careful deliberation, we crafted a distinctive logo, color palette, and typography that embody Konekt's forward-thinking approach. This visual identity extends seamlessly across various touchpoints, reinforcing a cohesive brand presence.


Our partnership with Konekt showcases the power of design in amplifying their mission – bridging connections in the digital realm. Explore the transformation and witness the fusion of creativity and networking prowess.

networking company logo
medical company logo



Introducing MIT (Medical Instruments and Technology) from Serbia.


We've crafted a seamless website, showcasing their vital healthcare products. Our design merges functionality with aesthetics, making ordering effortless.

Complementing this, we've curated an engaging Instagram presence. Through visual storytelling, we created a professional look for the business to display in their community.


Join us as MIT thrives in the digital healthcare landscape.

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